Anonymous: Could you please write about Y/N having two different eye colours (her left eye is bright blue and the right is hazel) and everyone's obsessed with them which makes Harry jealous? Thank you x

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The Way You Are. ||Harry Styles Imagine|| requested

In life there are certain aspects that make an individual vastly unique. The way they act, their opinions…and in your case:

Those eyes.

One oceanic, shining brightly an demanding attention. The other hazel and calm, a pleasant contract in reflection to the opposing orb. People ha always complimented you on your unique appearance, but it want until you’d met Harry that it had truly started bothering you.

It wasn’t that he disagreed, many times he had gotten lost in your eyes…his cheeks flushed and his heart fluttering listlessly. To him, you were “beautiful”.

"You’re perfect, Y/N. Just the way you are." His soft voice comforted you as you reflected back on the peaceful past.

So, what was different now? The media had made your uniqueness quite apparent. Leaving the house without a comment was nearly impossible. The paparazzi and the fans were always there…somehow focusing on only you. Never the two of you together. It bothered him. In his eyes, showing you off was his job.

"I just want you to be mine. My own little treasure," Running a hand through his messy hair, he sighs…his own gorgeous green eyes shining. "Y/N, I’m a selfish man. I want you all to myself."

And truthfully, you were fine with that notion. He wasn’t selfish. The man was in love.

plot twist: harry wears spanx

can you imagine niall coming home after he’s had a long day at the studio and he just goes straight to undressing you and he’s rough and teasing bc he waited all day and fucKING HELL

Teen Wolf Imagine for Carly (requested)
Those 3 words. ‘I love you.’ He’d told you that a million times before, and you’d believed it. And you had to stand there, watching Allison die in his arms, and those three words finally revealed their true colors. Who were you to judge at that time? She was dying, and he may have been irrational. And then there were the days, months that followed. No talking, he basically flew off the radar. You told yourself everyday that he would show up at your door, but he didn’t. Now he’s on the other end of the line, and he shows no emotion. “What is it, Carly?”, he practically sighs. “I can’t do this. We can’t go on.”, you shake your head as you run a hand through your hair. “I should’ve seen this coming all along. You’d give up on me.”, he spoke softly into the phone. His voice showed no sadness, only mock frustration, amusement, even. “You love her! Always have, always will!”, you spoke. “Yeah, even if that’s true, she’s gone! I lost her! I nead grieving time, and you’re being an ass.”, he shouted. “It’s been six months!”, you yell. And just like that it was over, and you heard a knock on your door the next day. You sighed before seeing a drenched Derek standing on your doorstep. You quickly ushered him inside, maneuvering him to the couch where you then sat beside him, asking what was wrong. “Scott..—he was cheating on you with her.”, he explained before glancing over at you with soft eyes. “I love you, Carly. Always have, always will.”, he confessed. Your heart practically stopped right then and there, breathing now raggged and uneven. The next thing you knew his warm lips were on yours, sending you into a peaceful oblivion. His arms wrapped around you, an adorable little shudder flooding through your body. “What does this make us?”, you spoke into the silence after the hush of another kiss. “This means I’ll do whatever I can to protect you, and love you. This means I want you to be mine.” “Forever.”

Anonymous: Could you do an imagine where Scott's girlfriend and when Alison dies you hear him say he's always loved her. And you feel like he doesn't care about you so you run away. And he doesn't try to call for a week after you realize he doesn't care you call and break up and he calls you mean names and says he never loved you And then Derek finds you and you and Derek get cute and end up together and Scott's jealous Can you use Carly as the name?And after Scott gets jealous take it where ever you want

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Coming Home (Harry Blurb)
I feel like Harry wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you when he got home from tour. He would treasure every moment you had together, and would find some way to turn you on. Whether it would be walking around the house in just some loose sweatpants or nothing at all, so long as you’d be practically begging for him to take you. And even then he’d be slow, and would make every thrust painfully slow, working you until you were screaming for him to go faster. And then he’d give in and speed up until his curls were plastered to his forehead, and he would whisper dirty little things in your ear.

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